Service Connect

How to Use Service Connect to Search for Answers

Have a question and wish you could just search for the answer yourself?

Well, guess what? Now, you can! Service Connect includes a robust search feature that helps make it fast and easy for you to find the answers you're looking for. ALWAYS start with Service Connect for CDK support.



Step 1: Click the Service Connect icon.

Service Connect Step 1


Step 2: Enter your search topic in the Search Knowledge field and click the magnifying glass.

Service Connect Step 2

That's all you need to do! Here are some helpful search tips to get you started:

Tip 1: Less is more

One or two-word search terms will usually give you the broadest results. Start with short search terms; you can refine your search by adding more keywords later.

Tip 2: Search with an exact phrase

Put double quotes around words to search for an exact phrase in an exact order. When searching with an error message, this can be very helpful in order to narrow your search results. For example, use "invalid password" if you need login password assistance.

Tip 3: Double check your spelling

Make sure you type in the error exactly as it's displayed, even if it doesn't seem grammatically correct when you read it — use copy/paste whenever possible.

Try parts of the error if the entire error comes up with zero results. For example, instead of searching for "User is unable to log into IntelliDealer with this error: invalid password", type in "invalid password" or "password error".

Tip 4: Search isn't case sensitive

Use upper or lowercase letters when you search. Both will give you the same results.

Tip 5: Search printer model numbers

When searching for information regarding printers, use the printer model in your search. For example, use "Laser Station 1920" instead of just "laser station".

Tip 6: The power of "How to"

Try using "How to" in your search when trying to figure out how to do something. For example, search "How to add a cash receipt" if you want to add a cash receipt.

Tip 7: Avoid using reference numbers

Don't include reference numbers when searching. For example, Instead of searching "wrong stock number P1078", search for "wrong stock number".

Tip 8: Utilize bookmarks

Longer documents, like user guides, may offer bookmarks to make it easier to navigate through the document.

Click the Bookmark icon in the navigation pane to display bookmarks or use the binocular icon to search for words or phrases in the document. If you don't see either of these icons, use the Ctrl + F keys to open the Find window.

Tip 9: Additional tools to help you out

Take advantage of your navigation tools, the categories, the show more or less text features, and of course, the save to favorites function, so you can reference articles later!

For more information and a simple overview of everything that Service Connect can do for you, download our Service Connect eBook. And always remember — The CLICK is MIGHTIER than the dial.